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Relevant IDTs papers

In this section you will find relevant publications for LEIT

Nature Electronics

Gigahertz topological valley Hall effect in nanoelectromechanical phononic crystals

Qicheng Zhang, Daehun Lee, Lu Zheng, Xuejian Ma, Shawn I. Meyer, Li He, Han Ye
Ze Gong, Bo Zhen, Keji Lai and A. T. Charlie Johnson, Nature Electronics, 5, 157-163 (2022)

Nature Photonics

Electrically driven acousto-optics and broadband non-reciprocity in silicon photonics

Eric A. Kittlaus, William M. Jones, Peter T. Rakich, Nils T. Otterstrom, Richard E. Muller and Mina Rais-Zadeh, Nature Photonics, 15, 43-52 (2021)

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